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Aeroflex Industries Limited IPO Review, Date, Price, GMP

Aeroflex Industries Limited, a prominent name in the manufacturing and supply of environmentally-friendly metallic flexible flow solutions, caters to both global and domestic markets. Aeroflex Industries products have reached around 80 countries which includes Europe and the USA, with exports contributing greatly to its revenue.

Aeroflex Industries Limited is important for many sectors as it allows the controlled flow of materials such as air, liquids, and solids. Impressively, the company successfully supplied its products to 633 customers within the ten-month period leading up to January 31, 2023, highlighting its extensive market presence.

Aeroflex Industries Limited’s flexible flow solutions are very important for connecting and streamlining operations across sectors. The distribution of gas-controlled airflow inside aircraft, and fire sprinklers are a few common uses. A competitive edge is provided by the company’s capacity to offer specialized solutions, all the way up to the assembly level.

Aeroflex Industries Limited’s expertise lies in crafting metallic flexible flow solutions primarily using stainless steel (SS). In a recent development, the company has debuted bronze-based items. In place of the conventional rubber- and polymer-based flow solutions, these new strategies work effectively. Numerous benefits come with stainless steel corrugation, such as resistance to various outside influences, endurance against corrosion and abrasion, and compatibility with a variety of chemicals.

As of March 31, 2023, the company’s product portfolio comprises over 1,700 distinct Product SKUs.

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AS OF NOW, the GMP OF Aeroflex Industries is Around 70 Rs.

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