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Company NameExchangeDateLot SizeIssue PriceIssue size(in Cr.)
Esconet TechnologiesNSE SME16/02/24 to 20/02/24160080 to 84 Rs.28.22 Cr.
Kalahridhaan TrendzNSE SME15/02/24 to 20/02/24300045 Rs.22.49 Cr.
Interiors & MoreNSE SME15/02/24 to 20/02/24600216 to 227 Rs.42 Cr.
AtmastcoNSE SME15/02/24 to 20/02/24160077 Rs.56.25 Cr.
Thaai CastingNSE SME15/02/24 to 20/02/24160073 to 77 Rs.47.20 Cr.
Vibhor Steel TubesBSE, NSE13/02/24 to 15/02/2499141 to 151 Rs.72.17 Cr.
Wise Travel India (WTI Cabs)NSE SME12/02/24 to 14/02/241000140 to 147 Rs.94.68 Cr.
Entero Healthcare SolutionsBSE, NSE09/02/24 to 13/02/24111195 to 1258 Rs.1600 Cr.
Polysil Irrigation SystemsNSE SME08/02/24 to 13/02/24200054 Rs.17.44 Cr.
Rudra Gas EnterpriseBSE SME08/02/24 to 12/02/24200063 Rs.14.16 Cr.
Alpex SolarNSE SME08/02/24 to 12/02/241200109 to 115 Rs.74.52 Cr.
Capital Small Finance BankBSE, NSE07/02/24 to 09/02/2432445 to 468 Rs.523.07 Cr.
Jana Small Finance BankBSE, NSE07/02/24 to 09/02/2436393 to 414 Rs.570 Cr.
Rashi PeripheralsBSE,NSE07/02/24 to 09/02/2448295 to 311 Rs.600 Cr.
Apeejay Surrendra Park HotelsBSE, NSE05/02/24 to 07/02/2496147 to155 Rs.920 Cr.
Italian EdiblesNSE SME02/02/24 to 07/02/24200068 Rs.26.66 Cr.
Gabriel Pet StrapsBSE SME31/01/24 to 02/02/241200101 Rs.8.06 Cr.
BLS E-ServicesBSE,NSE30/01/24 to 01/02/24108129 to 135 Rs.310.91 Cr.
Baweja Studios NSE SME29/01/24 to 01/02/24800170 to 180 Rs.97.20 Cr.
Mayank Cattle FoodBSE SME29/01/24 to 31/01/241200108 Rs.19.44 Cr.
Harshdeep HorticoBSE SME29/01/24 to 31/01/24300042 to 45 Rs.19.09 Cr.
Megatherm InductionNSE SME29/01/24 to 31/01/241200100 to 108 Rs.53.91 Cr.
Fonebox RetailNSE SME25/01/24 to 30/01/24200066 to 70 Rs.20.37 Cr.
DelaPlexNSE SME25/01/24 to 30/01/24600186 to 192 Rs.46.08 Cr.
DocMode Health TechnologiesNSE SME25/01/24 to 30/01/24160079 Rs.6.71 Cr.
Brisk TechnovisionBSE, NSE23/01/24 to 25/01/24800156 Rs.12.48 Cr.
Euphoria Infotech IndiaBSE SME19/01/24 to 23/01/24120096 to 1009.60 Cr.
EPACK DurableBSE,NSE19/01/24 to 23/01/2465218 to 230640.05 Cr.
Konstelec EngineerNSE SME19/01/24 to 23/01/24200066 to 70 Rs.28.70 Cr.
Addictive Learning TechnologyNSE SME19/01/24 to 23/01/241000133 to 140 Rs.60.16 Cr.
Qualitek LabsBSE SME18/01/24 to 22/01/241200100 Rs.19.64 Cr.
Medi Assist Healthcare ServicesBSE,NSE15/01/24 to 17/01/2435397 to 418 Rs.1171.58 Cr.
MaxposureNSE SME15/01/24 to 17/01/24400031 to 33 Rs.20.26 Cr.
Shree Marutinandan TubesBSE SME12/01/24 to 16/01/241000143 Rs.14.30 Cr.
Australian Premium Solar (India)NSE SME11/01/24 to 15/01/24200051 to 54 Rs.28.08 Cr.
New Swan MultitechBSE SME11/01/24 to 15/01/24200062 to 66 Rs.33.11 Cr.
Jyoti CNC AutomationNSE BSE09/01/24 to 11/01/2445315 to 331 Rs.1000 Cr.
IBL FinanceNSE SME09/01/24 to 11/01/24200051 Rs.34.30 Cr.

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