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Ratnaveer Precision Engineering Limited IPO Review, Date, Price, GMP

Ratnaveer Precision Engineering Limited operates as a manufacturer of stainless steel products, specializing in the production of finished sheets, washers, solar roofing hooks, pipes, and tubes. Ratnaveer Precision Engineering Limited concentrates on the beneficial properties of stainless steel, notably its elevated corrosion resistance, gained through higher chromium levels and the integration of other alloying elements. This property allows stainless steel to have very high corrosion resistance, an improved visual finish, and a longer lifespan than normal steel, resulting in its overall global acceptance.

On a global scale, the production of cold-rolled flat stainless steel products holds the foremost position, followed by the manufacturing of hot-rolled coils, steel wire rods, and bars. According to the International Stainless Steel Forum, cold-rolled flat products constitute approximately 47% of the total global stainless steel trade. Additional intermediary stainless steel products traded worldwide include hot coils, semis-flat and semis-long items, hot bar/wire rods, cold bar/wire, and hot plates & sheets, as outlined in the D&B Report.

Ratnaveer Precision Engineering Limited’s product range discovers applications across a diverse range of industries which includes automotive, solar power, wind energy, power plants, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, sanitary & plumbing, instrumentation, electromechanics, architecture, building & construction, electrical appliances, transportation, kitchen appliances, and chimney liners. These products cater to both commercial and residential sectors, serving markets within India and overseas.

An upcoming addition to the company’s washer portfolio includes circlips. Currently offering over 2500 SKUs of washers, such as inner ring washers, spring washers, Nord lock washers, retaining rings, internal tooth washers, and external tooth washers, Ratnaveer Precision Engineering Limited aims to further expand its offerings by incorporating circlips. 

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AS OF NOW, the GMP OF Ratnaveer Precision Engineering Limited is Around 48 Rs.

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