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Rishabh Instruments Limited IPO Review, Date, Price, GMP

Rishabh Instruments Limited Incorporated in 1982 is a global leader in energy efficiency solutions, focusing strongly on electrical automation, metering, measurement, and precision-engineered products. Companies vast product offering includes electrical measurement equipment, process optimization solutions, and gadgets created under their own brand for a variety of industries.

Rishabh Instruments Limited’s priority is innovation which provides cost-effective solutions for energy and process optimization demands. They offer a complete bunch of electrical measurement equipment and process optimization tools. 

Rishabh Instruments Limited has a very good specialty in aluminum high-pressure die-casting solutions for various industries such as automobile compressor manufacturing and high-precision flow meters. The Lumel brand is well-known in Poland for meters, controllers, and recorders, and Lumel Alucast is a major participant in European non-ferrous pressure casting.

From design and development to manufacturing and marketing, Rishabh Instruments Limited follows a vertically integrated approach. Products such as electrical automation devices, metering and control equipment, portable measuring instruments, and solar string inverters are offered by the company. Moreover, their subsidiary Lumel Alucast specializes in aluminum high-pressure die casting.

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Rishabh Instruments ipo details

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AS OF NOW, the GMP OF Rishabh Instruments Limited is Around 66 Rs.

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