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Shelter Pharma Limited IPO Review, Date, Price, GMP

Shelter Pharma Limited specializes in the manufacture of herbal medications and has established a strong foothold in both the Human Pharma and Veterinary industries. Several decades ago, the company began with a limited variety of products. However, as time passed, it increased its range through in-house research and development, exploiting its extensive knowledge of Ayurveda. 

Shelter Pharma has a diversified product portfolio and operates across various non-critical categories of Human and Veterinary Pharma. The company gained significant market share and product acceptance, particularly in the state of Gujarat.

Shelter Pharma’s product portfolio in Human Pharma comprises both over-the-counter (OTC) items and ethical drugs. Similarly, the company offers both OTC and Ethical products in the Veterinary area. The company is proud of its track record of developing effective products and employs a competitive pricing approach customized to its target market.

Shelter Pharma places a strong emphasis on its relationships with farmers in nearby villages, from whom it directly sources the required raw materials. This close collaboration with farmers ensures a steady and assured supply of herbs and plants. The company’s clientele primarily consists of rural and semi-urban markets, where it provides high-quality, competitively priced remedies.

Shelter Pharma is in the midst of growing its management team by bringing in senior-level specialists in order to accelerate its growth trajectory. It is also bolstering its R&D skills to enable future growth in both home and foreign markets. The company has maintained a steady and healthy growth trajectory and is now embarking on aggressive expansion plans. These ambitions involve expanding geographically, hiring top-tier talent, and implementing effective marketing initiatives. Shelter Pharma is constantly looking for value-added assistance from its partners to supplement its on-the-ground operations.

Product Profile:

 Human Healthcare: 

  1. Lemonade Barley Water: Herbal diuretics have a cleaning effect and help to reduce kidney stone formation.
  2. Sherolax Tablet: To treat constipation, softens the stool, promotes intestinal movement, and assures full evacuation.
  3. Baldeepak: As an effective newborn tonic, it relieves vomiting, discomfort, and teething pain.
  4. Stonyl Tablet: Supports urinary system health, avoids gallstones, and makes urine flow easier.

Veterinary Healthcare: 

  1. Agrical Powder:  Mineral-enriched mixture that promotes animal health, balanced feed, and improved performance.
  2. Lactocal Gel:  In animals, it promotes strong bone growth, milk production, and recovery from disease.
  3. Shelodex Ultra Ointment:  External ointment containing Methyl Salicylate for the treatment of mastitis and inflammation in animals.

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AS OF NOW, the GMP OF Shelter Pharma Limited is Around 01 Rs.

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