Company NameExchangeDateLot SizeIssue PriceIssue size(in Cr.)
Kaushalya LogisticsNSE SME29/12/23 to 03/01/24160071 to 75 Rs.36.60 Cr.
Kay Cee Energy & InfraNSE SME28/12/23 to 02/01/24200051 to 54 Rs.15.93 Cr.
Manoj CeramicBSE SME27/12/23 to 29/12/23200062 Rs.14.47 Cr.
GraphisAdsNSE SME30/11/23 to 05/12/231200111 Rs.53.41 Cr.
Marinetrans IndiaNSE SME30/11/23 to 05/12/23400026 Rs.10.92 Cr
Net Avenue TechnologiesNSE SME29/11/23 to 01/12/23800016 to 18 Rs.10.25 Cr
AMIC ForgingBSE SME29/11/23 to 01/12/231000121 to 126 Rs.34.80 Cr
Deepak ChemtexBSE SME24/11/23 to 29/11/23160076 to 80 Rs.23.04 Cr
Swashthik PlasconBSE SME24/11/23 to 29/11/23160080 to 86 Rs.40.76 Cr
Rocking Deals Circular EconomyNSE SME22/11/23 to 24/11/231000136 to 14021.00 Cr.
Gandhar Oil Refinery IndiaNSE BSE22/11/23 to 24/11/2388160 to 169500.69 Cr.
Flair Writing IndustriesNSE BSE22/11/23 to 24/11/2349288 to 304593.00 Cr.
Fedbank Financial ServicesNSE BSE22/11/23 to 24/11/23107133 to 1401092.26 Cr.
Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA)NSE BSE21/11/23 to 23/11/2346030 to 322150.21 Cr.
Arrowhead Separation EngineeringNSE SME16/11/23 to 20/11/2360023313.00 Cr.
Kalyani Cast TechBSE SME08/11/23 to 10/11/231000137 to 13930.11 Cr.
Sunrest LifescienceNSE SME07/11/23 to 09/11/2316008410.85 Cr.
ASK AutomotiveNSE BSE07/11/23 to 09/11/2353268 to 282834 Cr.
ROX Hi-Tech NSE SME07/11/23 to 09/11/23160080 to 8354.49 Cr.
Micropro Software SolutionsNSE SME03/11/23 to 07/11/2316008130.70 Cr.
ESAF Small Finance BankNSE BSE03/11/23 to 07/11/2325057 to 60463 Cr.
Baba Food ProcessingNSE SME03/11/23 to 07/11/23160072 to 7633 Cr.
SAR TeleventureNSE SME01/11/23 to 03/11/2320052 to 5524.75 Cr.
Mish DesignsBSE SME31/10/23 to 02/11/2310001229.76 Cr.
Honasa ConsumerNSE BSE31/10/23 to 02/11/2346308 to 3241701 Cr.
Cello WorldNSE BSE30/10/23 to 01/11/2323617 to 6481900 Cr.
Transteel Seating Technologies NSE SME30/10/23 to 01/11/23200067 to 7049.98 Cr.
Maitreya Medicare NSE SME27/10/23 to 01/11/23160078 to 8214.89 Cr.
Shanthala FMCG ProductsNSE SME27/10/23 to 31/10/2312009116.07 Cr.
KK Shah Hospitals BSE SME27/10/23 to 31/10/233000458.78 Cr.
Paragon Fine And Speciality Chemicals NSE SME26/10/23 to 30/10/23120095 to 10051.66 Cr.
Blue Jet HealthcareNSE BSE25/10/23 to 27/10/2343329 to 346840.27 Cr.
Ondoor ConceptsNSE SME23/10/23 to 27/10/2340025946.21 Cr.
IRM EnergyNSE BSE18/10/23 to 20/10/2329480 to 505545.40 Cr.
Rajgor Castor DerivativesNSE SME17/10/23 to 20/10/23300047 to 5047.81 Cr.
WomenCartNSE SME16/10/23 to 18/10/231600869.56 Cr.
Arvind and Company Shipping AgenciesNSE SME12/10/23 to 16/10/2330004514.74 Cr.
Committed Cargo CareNSE SME06/10/23 to 10/10/2316007724.98 Cr.
Plaza WiresNSE BSE29/09/23 to 05/10/2327751 to 5471.28 Cr.
Karnika IndustriesNSE SME29/09/23 to 04/10/2316007625.07 Cr.
Vishnusurya Projects and InfraNSE SME29/09/23 to 04/10/2330006849.98 Cr.
Sharp Chucks And MachinesNSE SME29/09/23 to 05/10/2320005816.84 Cr.
Plada Infotech ServicesNSE SME29/09/23 to 04/10/2330004812.36 Cr.
Oneclick Logistics IndiaNSE SME27/09/23 to 03/10/231200999.91 Cr.
Valiant LaboratoriesNSE SME27/09/23 to 03/10/23105133 to 140152.46 Cr.
Canarys AutomationsNSE SME27/09/23 to 03/10/23400029 to 3147.03 Cr.
Vivaa TradecomBSE SME27/09/23 to 04/10/232000517.99Cr.
Kontor SpaceNSE SME27/09/23 to 03/10/2312009315.62 Cr.
E Factor ExperiencesNSE SME27/09/23 to 03/10/23160071 to 7525.92 Cr
Vinyas Innovative TechnologiesNSE SME27/09/23 to 03/10/23800162 to 16554.66 Cr.
City Crops Agro LimitedBSE SME26/09/23 to 29/09/2360002515.00 Cr.
Sunita Tools LimitedBSE SME26/09/23 to 29/09/23100014522.04 Cr.
Goyal Salt LimitedNSE SME26/09/23 to 29/09/23300036 to 3818.63 Cr.
Newjaisa Technologies LimitedNSE SME25/09/23 to 27/09/23300044 to 4739.93 Cr.
JSW Infrastructure LimitedBSE NSE25/09/23 to 27/09/23126113 to 1192800 Cr.
Saakshi Medtech and Panels LimitedNSE SME25/09/23 to 27/09/23120092 to 9745.16 Cr.
Arabian Petroleum LimitedNSE SME25/09/23 to 27/09/2320007020.24 Cr.
Updater Services LimitedBSE NSE25/09/23 to 27/09/2350280 to 300640 Cr.
Inspire Films LimitedNSE SME25/09/23 to 27/09/23200056 to 5921.23 Cr.
Digikore Studios LimitedNSE SME25/09/23 to 27/09/23800168 to 17130.48 Cr.
Manoj Vaibhav Gems ā€˜Nā€™ Jewellers LimitedBSE NSE22/09/23 to 26/09/2369204 to 215270.20 Cr.
Organic Recycling Systems LimitedBSE SME21/09/23 to 25/09/2360020050.00 Cr.
Mangalam Alloys LimitedNSE SME21/09/23 to 25/09/2316008054.91 Cr.
Marco Cables & Conductors LimitedNSE SME21/09/23 to 25/09/2330003618.73 Cr
Hi-Green Carbon LimitedNSE SME21/09/23 to 25/09/23160071 to 7552.80 Cr
Signature Global (India) LimitedBSE NSE20/09/23 to 22/09/2338366 to 385730 Cr.
Sai Silks (Kalamandir) LimitedBSE NSE20/09/23 to 22/09/2367210 to 2221201 Cr.
Madhusudan Masala LimitedNSE SME18/09/23 to 21/09/23200066 to 7023.80 Cr.
Techknowgreen Solutions LimitedBSE SME18/09/23 to 21/09/2316008616.72 Cr.
Master Components LimitedNSE SME18/09/23 to 21/09/23100014015.46 Cr.
Holmarc Opto-Mechatronics LimitedNSE SME15/09/23 to 20/09/2330004011.40 Cr.
Cellecor Gadgets LimitedNSE SME15/09/23 to 20/09/23120087 to 9250.77 Cr.
Yatra Online LimitedBSE NSE15/09/23 to 20/09/23105135 to 142
SAMHI Hotels LimitedBSE NSE14/09/23 to 18/09/23119119 to 1261370.10 Cr.
Zaggle Prepaid Ocean Services LimitedBSE NSE14/09/23 to 18/09/2390156 to 164563.38 Cr.
R R Kabel LimitedBSE NSE13/09/23 to 15/09/2314983 to 10351964.01 Cr.
Kundan Edifice LimitedNSE SME12/09/23 to 15/09/2312009125.22 Cr.
Chavda Infra LimitedNSE SME12/09/23 to 14/09/23200060 to 6543.26 Cr.
Meson Valves India LimitedBSE SME08/09/23 to 12/09/23120010231.09 Cr.
Jiwanram Sheoduttrai Industries LimitedNSE SME08/09/23 to 12/09/2360002317.07 Cr.
Unihealth Consultancy LimitedNSE SME08/09/23 to 12/09/231000126 to 13256.55 Cr.
EMS LimitedBSE NSE08/09/23 to 12/09/2370200 to 211321.24 Cr.
Kahan Packaging LimitedBSE SME06/09/23 to 08/09/231600805.76 Cr.
Jupiter Life Line Hospitals LimitedBSE NSE06/09/23 to 08/09/2320695 to 735869.08 Cr.
Ratnaveer Precision Engineering LimitedBSE NSE04/09/23 to 06/09/2315093 to 98165.03 Cr.
Basilic Fly Studio LimitedNSE SME01/09/23 to 05/09/23120092-9766.35 Cr.
Pramara Promotions LimitedNSE SME01/09/23 to 05/09/2320006315.27 Cr.
Saroja Pharma Industries India Limited NSE SME31/08/23 to 05/09/231600849.11 Cr.
Rishabh Instruments LimitedBSE NSE30/08/23 to 01/09/2334418-441490.78 Cr.
CPS Shapers LimitedNSE SME29/08/23 to 31/08/2360018511.10 Cr.
Mono Pharmacare LimitedNSE SME28/08/23 to 30/08/23400026-2815.40 Cr.
Vishnu Prakash R Punglia LimitedBSE NSE24/08/23 to 28/08/2315094-99301.88 Cr.
Aeroflex Industries LimitedBSE NSE22/08/23 to 24/08/23130102-108351 Cr.
Sungarner Energies LimitedNSE SME21/08/23 to 23/08/231600835.31 Cr.
Sahaj Fashions LimitedNSE SME21/08/23 to 24/08/2340003013.20 Cr.
Crop Life Science LimitedNSE SME18/08/23 to 22/08/2320005226.73 Cr.
Bondada Engineering LimitedBSE SME18/08/23 to 22/08/2316007542.72 Cr.
Pyramid Technoplast LimitedBSE NSE18/08/23 to 22/08/2390151-166153.05 Cr.
Balaji Speciality Chemicals LimitedBSE NSE18/08/23 to 22/08/23
Shoora Designs LimitedBSE SME17/08/23 to 21/08/233000482.03 Cr.
Shelter Pharma LimitedBSE SME10/08/23 to 14/08/2330004216.03 Cr.
TVS Supply Chain Solutions LimitedBSE NSE10/08/23 to 14/08/2376187-197880 Cr.
Yudiz Solutions LimitedNSE SME04/08/23 to 08/08/23800162-16544.84 Cr.
Sangani Hospitals LimitedNSE SME04/08/23 to 08/08/23300037-4015.17 Cr
Concord Biotech LimitedBSE NSE04/08/23 to 08/08/2320705-7411551 Cr
SBFC Finance LimitedBSE NSE03/08/23 to 07/08/2326054-571025 Cr.
Vinsys IT Services India LimitedNSE SME01/08/23 to 04/08/231000121-12849.84 Cr.
Oriana Power LimitedNSE SME01/08/23 to 03/08/231200115-11859.66 Cr.
Zeal Global Services LimitedNSE SME28/07/23 to 01/08/23120010336.46 Cr.
Shri Techtex LimitedNSE SME26/07/23 to 28/07/23200054-6145.14 Cr.
Innovatus Entertainment Networks LimitedBSE SME25/07/23 to 27/07/233000507.74 Cr.
Yatharth Hospital and Trauma Care Services LimitedBSE NSE24/07/23 to 26/07/2350285-300
Yasons Chemex Care LimitedNSE SME24/07/23 to 26/07/2330004020.57 Cr.
Khazanchi Jewellers LimitedBSE SME24/07/23 to 28/07/23100014097 Cr.
Srivari Spices and Foods Limited
Asarfi Hospital LimitedBSE SME17/07/23 to 19/07/23200051-5226.94 Cr.
Netweb Technologies India LimitedBSE NSE17/07/23 to 19/07/2330475-500631 Cr.
Service Care Private LimitedNSE SME14/07/23 to 18/07/23200063-6720.68 Cr.
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Limited NSE BSE12/07/23 to 14/07/2360023-25500 Cr.
Ahasolar Technologies LimitedBSE SME10/07/23 to 13/07/2380015712.85 Cr.
Kaka Industries LimitedBSE SME10/07/23 to 12/07/23200055-5821.23 Cr.
Drone Destination LimitedNSE SME07/07/23 to 11/07/23200062-6544.20 Cr.
AccelerateBS India LimitedBSE SME06/07/23 to 11/07/231600905.69 Cr
Senco Gold LimitedNSE BSE04/07/23 to 06/07/2347301-317405.00 Cr
Alphalogic Industries LimitedBSE SME03/07/23 to 06/07/2312009612.88
Tridhya Tech LimitedNSE SME30/06/23 to 05/07/23300035 to 4226.41 Cr
Synoptics Technologies LimitedNSE SME30/06/23 to 05/07/2360023754.03 Cr
PKH Ventures LimitedNSE BSE30/06/23 to 04/07/23
Global Pet Industries LimitedNSE SME29/06/23 to 03/07/2330004913.23
Cyient DLM LimitedNSE BSE27/06/23 to 30/06/2356250 to 265592 Cr
Pentagon Rubber LimitedNSE SME26/06/23 to 30/06/23200065 to 7016.17 Cr
IdeaForge Technology LimitedNSE BSE26/06/23 to 29/06/2322638 to 672567 Cr
Greenchef Appliances LimitedNSE SME23/06/23 to 27/06/23160082 to 8753.62 Cr
Magson Retail & Distribution LimitedNSE SME23/06/23 to 27/06/2320006513.74 Cr
Veefin Solutions LimitedBSE SME22/06/23 to 26/06/2316008246.73 Cr
Essen Speciality Films LimitedNSE SME20/06/23 to 23/06/231200101 to 10766.33 Cr
HMA Agro Industries LimitedNSE BSE20/06/23 to 23/06/2325555 to 585480 Cr
Aatmaj Healthcare LimitedNSE SME19/06/23 to 21/06/2320006038.40 Cr
Vilin Bio Med LimitedNSE SME16/06/23 to 21/06/2340003012 Cr
Cell Point (India) LimitedNSE SME15/06/23 to 20/06/23120010050.34 Cr
Cosmic CRF LimitedBSE SME14/06/23 to 16/06/23400314 to 33060.13 Cr
Bizotic Commercial LimitedBSE SME12/06/23 to 15/06/2380017542.21 Cr
Urban Enviro Waste Management LimitedNSE SME12/06/23 to 14/06/23120010011.42 Cr
Spectrum Talent Management LimitedNSE SME09/06/23 to 14/06/23800169 to 173105.14 Cr
Sonalis Consumer Products LimitedBSE SME07/06/23 to 09/06/234000302.83 Cr
IKIO Lighting LimitedNSE BSE06/06/23 to 08/06/2352270 to 285607 Cr
Kore Digital LimitedNSE SME02/06/23 to 07/06/2380018018 Cr
Sahana System LimitedNSE SME31/05/23 to 02/06/231000132 to 13532.74 Cr
Comrade Appliances LimitedBSE SME31/05/23 to 05/06/23200052 to 5412.30 Cr
CFF Fluid Control LtdBSE SME30/05/23 to 02/06/2380016585.80 Cr
Infollion Research Services Limited NSE SME29/05/23 to 31/05/23160080 to 8221.45 Cr
Proventus Agrochem LimitedNSE SME24/05/23 to 26/05/2316077169.54 Cr
Hemant Surgical Industries LimitedBSE SME24/05/23 to 26/05/23160085 to 9024.84 Cr
Vasa Denticity LimitedNSE SME23/05/23 to 25/05/231000121 to 12854.07 Cr
Crayons Advertising LimitedNSE SME22/05/23 to 25/05/23200062 to 6541.80 Cr
Remus Pharmaceuticals LimitedNSE SME17/05/23 to 19/05/231001150 to 122947.69 Cr
Krishca Strapping SolutionsNSE SME16/05/23 to 19/05/23200051 to 5416.93 to 17.93 Cr
Auro Impex & Chemicals LimitedNSE SME10/05/23 to 12/05/23160074 to 7825.68 to 27.07 Cr
Nexus Select TrustBSE SME09/05/23 to 11/05/2315095 to 1003200 Cr.
Innokaiz India LimitedBSE SME28/04/23 to 03/05/23160076 to 7821.17 Cr
De Neers ToolsNSE SME28/04/23 to 03/05/23120095 to 10123 Cr
Mankind PharmaBSE & NSE25/04/23 to 27/04/23131060 to 10804,326.3 Cr
Retina PaintsBSE SME19/04/23 to 24/04/2340003011.10 Cr
QuickTouch Technologies LimitedNSE SME18/04/23 to 21/04/232000619.33 Cr
A G Universal LimitedNSE SME11/04/23 to 13/04/232000608.72 Cr
Pattech Fitwell Tube Components LimitedNSE SME 05/04/23 to 12/04/23300050 12.00 Cr
Avalon Technologies LimitedBSE & NSE03/04/23 to 06/04/2334 415 to 436 865.00 Cr

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